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About Us:


We are licensed as an LLC under the laws of Michigan, in the

United States and operate online as Green Ink GalleryTM. Green Ink LLC is owned by artist Julia K. McLemore and is a sole proprietorship.

Product Returns:

If you wish to return a product, we require that it be returned to us within 30 days of your receipt, in the same condition it was when shipped.


A full refund will be made if the product is returned in

compliance with our policy. A 50% return will be made if the

product is returned within 60 days, a 25% return after 90 days.


We cannot pay a refund after 120 days.

Custom orders are not returnable.


Any fine art returns must be insured by the customer who is returning the art.



Most of our shipping is via USPS for the cards. Cards generally ship within 2-4 days, unless the order is for custom art. That deadline will be determined between Green Ink LLC and the customer.


Fine art shipment is generally via UPS or FedEx Ground, unless provision is made for faster shipping.


Unless otherwise specified between Green Ink LLC and the

customer, shipping charges will be added to the customer’s

invoice. Pricing depends on the size and weight of the

product(s) and the shipping speed.


Privacy Policy:

Your private information is requested only for shipping purposes and to help us better serve you.


We do not share your private information with any third parties or lists.

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